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Okay, I thought I'd try to say a little more in here than I previously had.

Single (divorced but hey, millions are! LOL)

Signifant other: My mental Jack Russel Terrier!

Hobbies: Apart from my all comsuming passion for writing fanfic and original stories...?

Walking the pooch, eating out, cinema, riding/competing on my horse, oh, and music - seriously back in to music (ex always had the bloody TV on - now it's me and my music!!)

Interests (19):

buffy the vampire slayer, cinema, cinema., competing on my horse, eating out, fiction., first spider-man movie, foo fighters, horse riding, james marsters, loads more from 80's to present, music, reading, the mentalist, the script, the wonder boys, walking my dog, writing, writing fiction - original and fanfiction
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